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6th International Fair Trade Towns Conference hosted by Poznan!

The City of Poznan and the Polish Fair Trade Association are delighted to invite all Fair Trade Town representatives, fair trade campaigners, WFTO members and retailer networks to the 6th International Fair Trade Towns Conference to be held in Poznan, Poland on 10th-11th November 2012.

Aware&Fair partners will present and discuss the objectives and achievements of the project in the plenary on Saturday morning, 1oth November, followed by the first screeniong of the short movie “Yours and mine”,  one of the project outputs to support thecampaign on Millenniuem Development Goals and Fair Trade. For registration and more information see:

Partners will use the opportunity to convene in oznan on the day before the conference for an extra-curricular meeting on the project progress.


The project partners and EC officer at Miskolc castle

3rd partner meeting in Miskolc

At the 3rd project meeting in Miskolc, the partners looked closer into the crucial issues: how can Fair Trade be promoted even better by local authorities in order to effectively support the Millennium Development Goals? How can more Fair Trade products be made available to German, Polish, Czech and Hungarian consumers? These questions need expertise as provided by the German and Polish Fair Trade Association, but also good ideas: Hannover is working on a sweet Fair Trade liaison of Malawaian Macadamia nuts with cocoa beans from Columbia – for the delight of chocolate lovers as well as the hard working farmers and their families.


European Tour Of Fair Trade Stakeholders From Malawi

“How do you get those nuts out of their hard shell?” This was one of the more easy questions to Grey Moffat Phiri of the Macadamia Growers`Cooperative Ntchisi. In end of May, the Malawian farmer had set off together with four local government representatives of Blantyre for a European roundtrip, in order to discuss about the potential of Fair Trade products together with activists and consumers in the partner cities of the EU-project “Aware&Fair”.

And Hannover, Poznan, Litomerice  and Miskolc involved their Malawian guests in a variety of public activities – at a “festival of cultures”, in meetings with owners of organic and ethical enterprises, a fashion show and reading in the public library, knowledge quest in the botanical garden, street market with information stands – and took opportunity to jointly raise awareness about Malawi, the Millennium Development Goals and their support through Fair Trade.

The European project staff had witnessed the benefits of Fair Trade for local producers already during the site visit to Malawi in October 2011 and subsequently organised foto exhibitions, information campaigns, competitions with students and music workshops at schools in order to share their experience with citizens back home.


5th International Fair Trade Towns Conference in Malmö, Sweden 2011

Hannover, Litomerice, Bristol, Copenhagen, Sydney, Seattle and 1,000 other cities around the world have made common cause in committing to Fair Trade and being rewarded the Fair Trade Towns status. This means that the municipality meets criteria related to ethical public procurement, local availability of Fair Trade products and support and awareness about fair trade across the community.

The 5th international Fairtrade Towns Conference in Malmö, Sweden, on the 19-20th of November gathered over 200 representatives from Fair Trade Towns in 25 countries, amongst them the partners of the Aware&Fair project. The participants enjoyed a vivid exchange of experiences and inspiration at workshops, plenaries, interactive coffee breaks and the evening show “Catwalk for Change” with interviews of producers and a Fair Trade cotton fashion show. The conference further presented results from a survey of the Swedish Custom Market Research Company TNF-SIFO in five Swedish Fair Trade Towns and five non- Fair Trade Towns, with 1000 respondents. The survey revealed that 86% of consumers are showing great support for ethical procurement, while the knowledge of Fair Trade certification is 10% higher in the Fair Trade Towns than in other municipalities – strong motivation for the participants to continue and extend their activities for promoting Fair Trade.

As another concrete result from the conference a statement was commonly accepted by the assembly on Sunday 20th to be raised in the European Parliament and also during the Rio +20, UN’s conference on Sustainable Development in June, 2012.

2nd partner meeting in Blantyre /Malawi

An essential milestone in the project was the visit of the European project partners to Malawi and the second partners’ conference in the City of Blantyre in October 2011. Not only could the partners take stock of the previous achievements and plan for the upcoming activities – the get-together in Malawi provided a crucial opportunity for the various actors to understand better the different cultural imprints and living conditions. As part of the meeting, the partners travelled to various sites of agricultural production and processing as well as appendant settlements, exchange with the workers to gain gain first-hand experience of their working and living conditions and the effects of Fair Trade certification.

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